Pack shot of the Steep Hill Jigsaw design

Steep Hill Jigsaw

This jigsaw celebrates one of Britain’s most pictureque streets - Steep Hill, in Lincoln which was named 'Britain’s Best Place' by the Academy of Urbanism in 2011. Shops and tea rooms  line the streets with Lincoln Cathedral at the top of the hill looking down over the bustling town.

Lots of colourful bunting, shoppers and some walking their dogs keep the scene really interesting. It will keep your interest and concentration as you piece the scene together and bring the street to life.

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to keep your mind active, brain sharp whilst relaxing, and removing anxiety. It could be the perfect way for you to get some 'me time' during the busy season! Or a lovely activity to do as a family.

1000 pieces. 68cm x 49cm.

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