Pack of black and white Pawprint Bag Organisers Overhead view of Pawprint Bag Organiser

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Pawprint Bag Organisers

Organiser Size:

Finally, an answer to all your handbag hassles thanks to our Pawprint Bag Organisers!

These eyecatching accessories have been expertly designed to allow you to organise the contents of your bag effortlessly.

The lightweight design makes the organisers highly practical and perfect for keeping your personal effects separate.

If you want to find your cosmetics, umbrella, phone etc quickly instead of rummaging around for ages, the Pawprint Bag Organiser is tailor-made for you!

Best of all if you change bags, you simply move the organiser from one bag to another.

Large: 33cm x 22cm x 15cm
Medium: 28cm x 17,5cm x 10cm
Small: 23cm x 15xm x 7.5cm

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